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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile, Become Visible to the International Community, and Get New Career Opportunities


If you're not actively using LinkedIn, you are not visible to the global professional community and, probably, you're missing out on job opportunities

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network and an important platform for job searching worldwide.

With 1bn users from 200 countries and regions, it's utilized by 90% of recruiters.

There are 63 million companies represented on this network.

Every minute, 8 job seekers find employment worldwide through LinkedIn.

Our online groups are designed for both students and professionals who aim to be in demand in the global job market

Online Groups are for You, if ...

👉 You don't have a profile but plan to study or work in Europe and the USA. 

👉 You have a profile but don't know how or what to write about yourself 

👉 You have a profile but you don't know how to use LinkedIn to find a job in France

👉 You have a well-filled profile but recruiters don't message you. 

👉 You already have a job but want to receive interesting invitations from recruiters.

Meet the Speaker:


Elina, 10 years in France

Career Consultant I 

Tell Me Panda Founder

Every day I use LinkedIn to:

  • Maintain and expand my international network (1600+ active professional contacts on LinkedIn and 2100 followers)

  • Search for interns and employees (I found my first intern through LinkedIn)

  • Regularly receive interview invitations from European recruiters

  • Develop my personal brand and the brand of my company


🚀 Career in France

  • Journeyed from student to Head of Growth & Marketing in a French educational startup, then became an entrepreneur

  • 10 years in strategic digital marketing

  • Passed two internships at Amazon as an Analyst & Digital Marketer

  • Obtained a 4-year Passeport Talent - Salarié Qualifié work visa

  • Conducted over 100 interviews as a Hiring manager 

  • Founded EdTech startup Tell Me Panda -about studies and career abroad

  • Accompanied 700+ students and professionals in their studies and career abroad objectives

  • Passionate about education, multicultural communication, and empowering people to become global citizens

🎓 Education

  • ESCP Business School (#3 business school in France) - Master in Management

  • Higher School of Economics - Master in Marketing


Online Group Session 1 - 2 hours

Reviewing the LinkedIn profiles of group participants and providing personalized recommendations to optimize them based on individual career goals.


(mini group of 6 participants)


Online Group Session 2 - 2 hours

Profile check after feedback, final review.


Online Group Session 3 - 2 hours

Networking development recommendations tailored to each participant's career goals.

Dates and Time: We'll pick times that work for everyone, starting after June 20th

Duration: 3 weeks - one session per week

Platform: Live sessions conducted via Zoom

As a Result of Online Group Sessions,
You will Gain:

Completed Profile, Adapted to the Market🚀

In 3 online sessions, you will create a profile that attracts the attention of recruiters.

Understanding the Recruitment Process through LinkedIn 📝

Discover job search tips on LinkedIn to enhance your visibility to recruiters.

Networking Skills 📣

Learn how to find valuable contacts and build professional communication. Your network will start working for you.

Meeting Like-Minded People  & Motivation ♥️

All group participants go through similar stages; we are here to support each other and progress towards our goals together.

Choose your group:

for beginners or for advanced users


LinkedIn Beginner

Only 6 places

170€ until June, 20

200€ after June, 20

👉 3 online group sessions (2 hours each)

👉 Access to a recording after the session

👉 WhatsApp chat


LinkedIn Advanced

Only 6 places

170€ until June, 20

200€ after June, 20

👉 3 online group sessions (2 hours each)

👉 Access to a recording after the session

👉 WhatsApp chat

What our clients say

Alina, Event & 
Communication Manager

What has been the key result for you from our meetings?

Complete transformation of my LinkedIn profile in French and finally creating a proper version in English.

What did you like?

Individual approach, with time devoted to each participant, allowed focusing on specific issues and addressing mistakes more effectively. Plus, insights gained from analyzing other participants' profiles.

Elena, Operational marketing 
What has been the key result for you from our meetings?
The main outcome for me from our meetings has been gaining a clear understanding of how to use LinkedIn and overcoming barriers in adding connections, messaging, and cold outreach.
What did you like?
The live expert perspective offered a deeper understanding and significantly improved my profile, especially in its early stages.
I appreciated the depth of our sessions, the personalized preparation for each meeting, and how you tailored everything to my specific needs.


Valeriia, Digital Marketing Project Manager
What has been the key result for you from our meetings?
The opportunity to work on my profile and receive quick feedback.

What did you like?
A lot of time is dedicated to each participant; you can ask any questions; insights into platform features; the opportunity to see the recruiter's perspective. 


👉 What happens after I make the payment?
  • After your payment, we'll reach out to you via email and add you to a WhatsApp group along with other participants.
👉 Can I join from my phone? ​
  • Yes, you can join the ZOOM meeting from your phone. 
👉 Do I need to have a LinkedIn profile? 
  • No. However, we recommend creating a LinkedIn account before the sessions. 

Ready to learn all the secrets of LinkedIn?

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