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International Online Workshop for English-Speaking Teenagers

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We're here to help teenagers like you develop skills for the future and become global citizens.

That's why we're launching an International Online Workshop, bringing together teenagers from different cultures to create meaningful projects with social impact.

Our workshop is for you, if you're 13-16 years old, and ...

... you speak English at an Intermediate level and want to improve your communication skills 🥳
... you're eager to make friends from all over the world and explore new cultures 🌍
...  want to make a positive difference in the world but aren't sure where to start ♥️
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Workshop program:

3 online sessions in April 2024 

+ a dedicated chat for communication between sessions


Introduction - 2 hours
Saturday, April 13
(2pm-5pm Paris time)

We come from different countries and cultures, so let's start by introducing ourselves and talking about our passions. Then, together, we'll choose a project topic that aligns with your interests and tackles a real-world problem.


Project Creation - 2 hours
Saturday, April 20 
(5pm-7pm Paris time)

Ready to take on the role of an entrepreneur? In small groups, you and your new friends will develop a solution to a social problem. Don't worry, we'll give you guidance to make it easier. Get creative with PowerPoint presentations, videos, or photos to showcase your ideas! And remember, mentors will be there to support you every step of the way.


Presentation & Feedback - 2 hours
Saturday, April 27 
(2pm-5pm Paris time)

Get ready to pitch your project and share your ideas with others! No stress, no pressure, we're all here to learn together! Our experts will give you feedback to help you shine even brighter.

As a result of the workshop, you will


Make new English-speaking friends from different countries! 🌍


Try yourself in an entrepreneurial role, working on social problems and coming up with creative solutions 🚀


Learn how to colloborate in a multicultural group and present your ideas to others 📝


Receive a certificate of participation 🎓

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If you're excited and want to be among our first beta testers, please fill in the form below 👇

Meet the Team

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