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Five Steps to Your Dream Job in France 🇫🇷

Join us for a three-hour webinar to uncover insider secrets and expert tips for a successful job search in France

Searching for an internship or a job in France can be a real challenge since the French market is slow and complex, especially for foreigners 

We created this webinar to help international students and professionals navigate the challenges of the French job market to find internships or jobs

Our Webinar is for You, if ...

...  😭 you are in France, actively seeking an internship or first job for months without success, you might feel stressed and demotivated
👉 you want to figure out how to improve your job application and start receiving interview invitations

... 😳 you are in France and you've just begun your job search in France, you might feel lost and overwhelmed
👉 you want to understand how the application system and job market works to avoid wasting time and money

...  🧐 you plan to move to France, but aren't sure what to expect, you might lack a clear action plan
👉 you need the knowledge and tools to make right decisions to boost your chances of building a successful career in France

Meet the Speakers:

We were once foreigners in France, struggling to land our first job here. We understand how you feel. Since then, we have built successful careers and now want to share our experience and knowledge with you so you can succeed as well

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Webinar Program

(3,5 hours )

Job Market in France

  • Statistics & market trends 2024

  • 6 keys to understanding recruitment in France

Job Searching Strategies

  • How to make a clear career plan

  • 5 steps of job search in France

  • 5 methods to find a job

  • Websites & networking: do's and don'ts

  • Examples of job searching strategies


  • Tips for an outstanding CV

  • Tips for a persuasive cover letter

  • Tips for LinkedIn profile optimization

  • Best practices for passing an interview


Q&A ​

As a Result of the Webinar, You will Get:

Improved Job Search Strategy 🚀

You will develop a personalized job search strategy, saving time,money  and increasing your chances of getting a job. 

Enhanced Application Materials 📝

You'll learn to craft standout CV, cover letters adapted to French recruiters' expectations, as well as get LinkedIn and networking tips.

Higher Interview Success 📣

You will understand what French recruiters seek and prepare effectively to perform well in interviews.

Increased Confidence & Motivation ♥️

You will gain clarity on what works and what doesn't in the French job market, and boost your confidence. 

Choose Your Package



59€ for all

49€ for students*

👉 3-hour recorded webinar 

👉 Access to a recording for 1 month

 🎓 *We offer special prices for students on Basic package. 
Send a picture of your student card and a link to your LinkedIn in the chatbot here on the website to get a promo code to use at checkout

Our Reviews

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👉 Where can I find a link to the recorded webinar? 
  • After the purchase, check your e-mail box. If you do not receive it, please contact us at
👉 Do you give any guarantees? ​
  • We guarantee full engagement during the webinar and workshop sessions, supporting you and sharing our expertise to help you adapt your strategy and profile to the French market and improve your chances of securing an internship. We cannot guarantee immediate job placement, as job outcomes depend on factors beyond our control such as market conditions and employer preferences. Your effort and qualifications play a significant role.
👉 What is the difference between a webinar and a workshop?
  • A webinar provides general recommendations, while a workshop focuses on your specific challenges. In the webinar, we guide you through job searching with tips and advice. The workshop, held after the webinar (dates to be confirmed with participants), offers personalized feedback for a group of 5 participants. 

Ready to learn all the secrets of job searching in France?

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