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International Online Workshop for English-speaking teenagers

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We help teenagers develop future-ready skills and become global citizens

That is why we are launching an International Online Workshop to bring together teenagers from diverse cultures and create meaningful (with social impact) projects together

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The program:

4 Zoom sessions scheduled over one month

+ a dedicated chat for communication between sessions


Introduction (2 hours)

Students start by introducing themselves and sharing their passions. They discuss and choose a project topic that aligns with their interests and addresses a social issue.


Project Developement (2 hours)

Students work on promoting their ideas and engaging others in their cause and pitching (using diverse supports, as PPT-presentation, video or photo content).


Project Creation (2 hours)

In small groups, students collaborate to develop the project concept (business, social business or non-profit). The students are accompanied by mentors


Presentation & feedback (2 hours)

Students pitch their projects to a jury, receiving feedback from both experts and fellow participants. Afterwards, they vote on the nominations.

Our workshop is designed for teenagers, aged 13-15, who...

... who speak English (Intermediate level) and want to improve their communication skills 🥳
... who want to make friends all over the world and explore new cultures 🌍
... who want to make the world a better place but are unsure where to start ♥️

As a result of the workshop, students will


Make new English-speaking friends from different countries 🌍


Try themselves in an entrepreneurial role, working on social problems and elaborating creative solutions 🚀


Learn how to work in a multicultural group and present their ideas 📝


Receive a certificate of participation 🎓

As a result, students have a project ready for realization and develop 4C Skills of the 21st Century: 


Critical thinking:

they become aware about social issues and explore different ways to resolve them


Communication: they improve English communication skills within an international context and make new friends


Ability to collaborate: by working together towards a common goal, participants learn to define roles, delegate tasks, brainstorm solutions and make decisions


Creativity: collaborating with peers from different backgrounds and cultures, exposes participants to a variety of perspectives and ideas

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If you are excited and would like to be among our first beta testers, please fill in the form below

Meet the Team

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